Tiny Chat

Tiny chat is so easy to use – choose your room name, click on click create your room, send the url link to those you want to collaborate, conference or chat with. Click ok i am ready to join the chat and your are in your room and ready to start broadcasting.

Turn your camera on by clicking the icon for camera! Next choose your mic input.

Picture 8

Click on start broadcasting and you are set up to chat!

You can share your desktop with the other participants, you and your participants can type text in the text window or have multiple participants with mic and camera or just mic. It is a very cool tool for classroom use.

Picture 6

Here is a picture of our test broadcast. Today my niece went live to her class. Madi and her class love seeing each other and hearing her oral presentation and seeing the art and craft she had made about zebra’s. It was an excellent way for a sick child, Madi, to communicate and collaborate to her class.

Tiny Chat rocks 🙂

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