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We have gone 1:1 iPads at year 7 with no textbooks! What is important for me is that our community understands that we are all on a learning journey together.

I believe that it is very important to stress to the students that we are all on a learning journey with iPads and as such we need to collaborate, share, support and cooperate with each other as we learn together.

Probably too much to blog about with the iPad in the classroom and no time to blog however i am i going to start by blogging about the ideas I have given teachers for using the iPad in the classroom.

Ideas for teachers to use iPad apps in the classroom:

All students who have an iPad have the app notes, safari and mail – this means they can take some notes and present some data or ideas or show an understanding of a concept and then email it to you – they can also search the web.

What does the notes app look like? Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 9.30.41 PM
Along with typing notes students can then email to you – limitations are on multimedia additions

Students click on the +, at the top of the page, to get another page of notes


Other useful applications include:

2acreens this app projectors – you can projector the internet, a whiteboard – and anything you write / draw on the whiteboard as well as any documents you have been emailed – quite a useful app

Puppet pals
is a puppet creation app so students can choose characters and record their voice while moving the characters around to create a puppet show/movie – students could use this app to create a story, explain a concept, retell an event or an experiment or situation, show an understanding, explain how to do something or explain something to a primary student, adult, toddler etc or show their research findings. They could interview an character or group of people, interview an expert, someone famous or historical figure in the context of your subject using their research materials. The only issue with this app was that you could not share the app but this has changed once students have updated the app they can export any newly created shows and then email them. But this is also a great app for sharing differently students can easily and will readily pair and share or in groups share and evaluate how they have done in terms of the criteria set or task given – perhaps with a 3,2,1 – 3 things I liked, 2 things that I could improve on and 1 thing I need to add or change students can then reflect on their own learning and understandings.

this is an app where students can create postcards, then they can email them to you or anyone! Students can use their own photos or some in the program. They could use this app to tell you about their expectations for your subject, their thoughts about what they might be studying this year and how they feel about your subject from primary school, their strengths and weakness etc .., they could also use this to app to explain their understanding of a concept or as revision material to explain to a grandparent or friend what they have been doing and what connections to their learning they have made. Endless possibilities with this app.

Strip designer – this is a comic creation app image[4]
with this app students can create and then email a comic strip or strips to anyone. Students can use this app to create a story about a concept or skill, teach someone else how to do something, create a how to, explain a concept, show their research, apply their knowledge, design a solution to problem or pose a question and answer it etc

this is a presentation app which can be projected through a projector! This is the Mac version of PowerPoint, Students can create a slideshow of their understanding of topics, apply their knowledge or evaluate an issue and solve it, they can also present their findings on a problems. Students could present their research findings and or their learning’s etc

Idea sketch image[6]and ibrainstorm image[7]
these two apps are concept mapping, brainstorming applications where students can put down their thoughts and ideas on topics, units and their understandings.

Reel director image[8]this is a movie creation application where students can use screen shots to create – students can add photos they have taken or screen shots , video, recorded sounds, ipod music to create a movie on any topic or theme they are given. As with the above creation app they could create on anything in terms of showing an understanding, explaining a concept or showing the application of problem solving or thinking skills. Students can show their understanding of a meaning or creating meaning around a topic, explain an effect or consequence of what they have learned or apply their knowledge from class to a different but similar situation or location.

Caster free image[9] Qucikvoice image[10] allow you to record your voice and create a podcast for yourself, your class or teacher to listen to – can be emailed and therefore shared with the class and or teacher on revision material, thoughts on an issue, pretending to create an interview with someone or the inventor/writer of something or screen play about a topic of choice, also just notes on how to do something / anything , thoughts, ideas, passions or create/design something / anything

Corkulous – image[11] this is a presentation board – just like a cork board where student can present their findings or ideas with images, words, post it notes etc – here students can organize their ideas and understandings and show their research findings and display them in a clear and interesting way.

Doddlebuddy image[12] – this is a drawing application where students could draw, sketch, doodle, paint to illustrate their ideas and take a screen shot or shots and use in other applications above to show their understanding, ideas, application and evaluation of research materials etc In lanugage classrooms they could work in pairs with one student describing something in the second language and the other student drawing what is being described! Fun and interesting!

Rory’s story cubes image[13] Simply shake your iPad to roll the cubes. Now create a story using all 9 face-up images. Using the dice create a story for your subject and topic – probably more applications in English and LOTE but really a terrific literacy app that will make students think and apply their knowledge as well as being creative and spontaneous.

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  1. Thanks for shring these apps. Teachers everywhere are working to find apps that are appropriate for real learning opportunities. The ones you mentioned here look like some winners. How are you solving the problem of students being able to share the project of there work in different apps. I am finding that the ways to share vary from app to app. Do you think there will ever be a standard solution?

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