Green Screening

Having purchased a two green screens, 3m x 6m Chromakey Green Muslin Backdrop Backgrounds from Image Melbourne.
I organized for one to go into the library classroom. It is located at the back of the room away from student activity. Teachers generally need to book into this space. This has turned out to be an awesome space for the green screen in combo with the installed projector working as an auto cue for the students who are green screening. The library collaboration area has then worked as a space where students can storyboard and collaborate on their scripts, plan and gather images to used as the backdrops. The entrance to the classroom is also being used as a second green screening area with the second backdrop purchased. The size of the muslin has meant that it can be draped over a bookshelf in the library, which has actually created two other spaces where students can use the green screen.

Students used their iPads to create their scripts after story boarding their initial ideas. Using the app Green screening by Do Ink students are able to easily create authentic breaking news story from the newsroom and the field. The app allows the students to use either a still image or video footage as their background over the green screen. Students shot their segments and then put their braking news story together using iMovie.

The task was to create a breaking news story about Mungo man. Students had multiple scenes to make up their breaking news stories. Key was the story boarding ideas followed by the script writing. The students that were able to film efficiently and effectively were those that had thought about all elements of their breaking news stories – script which is fleshed out, props, back drop images and or video, camera person, iPad without a passcode to act as the prompter ( students in some groups worked out that their green cover allowed for green screen technology to work on it and that made reading from the script easier if they were using the green screens in the library itself.

Library space was brilliant as the foyer worked as a practicing area, the collaborative zone worked for student planning and putting together movies with iMovie, playback and critical evaluation of content against the rubrics and reflecting on the finished product and group contributions. The library classroom green screen and the two green screen areas in the library were the filming areas. Outside the library worked for both practicing and for students who chose to use the app 8mmHD rather than the green screening by Do Ink. 8mm HD allows students to change the lens filters on the video and thus easily show change over time using the filters to go from black and white to sepia to the 60’s and 70’s filters etc.

Green screening in yr 7 History

How to use Green Screen by Do Ink:

Take a look at these awesome videos that Emily Collins, the Head of Library @ RSC has created to support teaching and learning with the Green screens and iPads. Thanks Emily for permission to use your sensational videos and your passion and enthusiasm 🙂

Possibilities with Green screening using the app GreenScreen by DoInk and an iPad

and How to use the app GreenScreen by DoInk

Thanks Emily for your helpful tips and allowing us to view your videos.

So what did the students create?

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