Now in our second year of our BrainPOP UK subscription. This is an awesome comprehensive website which is constantly being added to. Currently we have school access from 8:00 am to 4.00pm enabling all 1500 students and teachers to access this engaging and informative website. The range of content, subjects covered combined with quiz material cover most concepts, subjects taught including being able to access all the content in French which is great for our French classes. Every day there is a new ‘featured’ free movie which makes BrainPOP UK a constantly growing resource for your staff and students to explore.

The website is easy to use, students at all year levels can navigate the site easily. You set up the user name and password for the school so you can make it as complex or easy as your students and staff need. The movies/animations are great as introductions or revision material for students as they encourage curiosity. BrainPOP UK uses short unique movies/animations to explain complex and challenging concepts to students in an interesting engaging format. They use basic language so all students can understand the concept and then move on to test and apply their knowledge.

Why BrainPOP UK? Language similar, measurements and history, our systems of government and law all are similar and this is why it was essential for us to have a subscription to UK BrainPOP rather than BrainPOP USA. As of next year with all content available on their free app we will move to a 24/7 subscription where all content will be available to our staff and students anywhere, anytime.

Given it’s range of content and annual subscription cost it is true value for money – ‘cheap as chips’, used by a huge range of subjects and pitched at the level students need and want. Sign up for a free 30 day trial at you won’t be disappointed.

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