GTAV Senior Conference: Collaborative Geography

These are the links in our presentation for the GTAV Senior conference Nov 30 2018.

Biomes Interactive links

Build a biome

Hardcourt school biomes

Virtual Lab: Ecosystems, organisms and tropical levels


Mission Biomes

Other links for Biomes

Biomes that produce food activity oxfam

Popplet mindmapping concept mapping etc mindmapping and brainstorming
biomes minecraft lesson

Food security interactives

Global Food Security Index

3rd World Farmer and 3rd World Farmer – test build v.1.7.200


Ayiti: The Cost of Life

Journey 2050 takes students on a virtual farm simulation that explores world food sustainability.
Other links for Food security

Hungry Planet: What The World Eats


How far your food travelled to get to you: Interactive map shows where the world’s produce comes from

Does Australia have food security?

Why are millions of Australians going hungry?

Food Security: Will we have a food future?

Food Security in Australia

Witness Hungry for Change

Food security and food wastage

War on waste

Hugh’s War on Waste

War on Waste: OzHarvest Fights Food Waste

Project Compassion – Uganda – Caritas Australia 09

Global Demand for Food Is Rising. Can We Meet It?

Future foods: What will we be eating in 20 years’ time?

Would you eat meat grown in labs ?

Would you eat bugs ?

Menu 2030

What the world eats?

Australian Food supply chain report

World bank


Genetically modified food explained web quest

Games in the Geography Classroom. #GTAV2018

Geography games

The following games i used in my year 8 and 9 Geography classrooms this year i have left in the questions that the students answered for each game. Following this are other Geographical games I have used in the classroom or have potential to use for the various topics we cover in the Geography curriculum. This post isn’t finished as the list of games isn’t hyperlinked yet because I have broken my leg! This list was to complement my presentation at the GTAV annual conference 2018.

Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route

Question 1: Explain choices you made for you and your family while fleeing Syria for Europe. What was the most difficult decision you made? Why was it difficult to make?
Question 2: How do you think you would feel if you had to flee from your country of birth?

Darfur is Dying

Question 1: What are the challenges of living in a refugee camp?
Question 2: How would it feel if you had to leave your home and live in a refugee camp while you waited to get accepted into a safe country.

AYIT The cost of life

Question 1: What are the main issues explored in this game?
Question 2: What is it like to be poor? What would life be like? How would it feel ?

3rd World Farmer

Question 1: What are the problems and challenges farmers in the third world face?
Question 2: What would it be like to be a farmer in the third world?

The Migrant Trail

Question 1: Where is the Migrant trail? Why is there a migrant trail?
Question 2: What issues challenges, problems do those making the trail or patrolling face?

The New Immigrants by Vanguard Direct

The New Immigrants on the App Store

Refugity by Gerold Rubenbauer

Refugity on the App Store

Brexity by Gerold Rubenbauer

Brexity on the App Store

Australia Citizenship Test by Deedal Studios Inc
Australia Citizenship Test on the App Store – Green the building: a variety of games from managing a building with sustainable design and upkeeping, windfall:building windfarms and creating green energy, Killer flu: panademic flu how they spread, CNN planet in peril – save animals from extinction, Food import folly: protect country from foreign contaminated food imports,
Play online, learn online and feed the hungry |
For every correct answer you choose, 10 grains of rice are raised to help end world hunger through the World Food Programme. – water games!/media/1391259/resort-rescue-fresh-water-use!/search/geography///interactive and – variety of games about plate tectonics – coastal manager reducing waste – weather events, disasters, stroms, tides oceans seasons etc

mapping sea floor – fires – bird migration – ocean and atmospheric games – desert games energy and environment

stop disasters macdoanlds game

Natural Resources Science Games

where the river meets the sea

tourist paradise

travel Oregon

primary games – geospy disaster detector project desal ios let the poo thru ios operation aqua ios Captain plops water saving ios

run the river and waterweed wipeout –

Floodlines mountain, deserts and rivers game geonet location games about capitals, continents, landscapes, countries wetlands and conservation

water games plastic waste

water dash water cycle – water treatment build your own aquifer water filtration – immerse yourself in a Madagascan village. Ambohimahatsinjo is a rural village in the highlands of Madagascar. People there are a hard working tight-knit community, but they face many hardships because they don’t have clean water or toilets in their village. In this game you will explore the village and surrounding area, talk to three key villagers, and help WaterAid decide what solutions to implement. –
– 1 in 3 people in the world have nowhere safe or private to go to the toilet Choice, strategy, balance, and . . . water equity? Parts of the planet are struggling to get enough water. Use each region’s wealth to build pipes, desalinate water, and conduct research to bring water where it’s needed most. Monsoons, dry spells, disease, and even cursed lawn sprinklers can help or hinder your progress. Manage your wealth and water carefully to solve the world’s water crisis!

Build a biome – travel across Kerala to explore the sights and sounds – ios game
Hipsters! They seem to be everywhere nowadays. But when they’re not browsing thrift stores for vintage fedoras, riding their fixies or looking for the latest album by “Alt-DL and the Wookies” (you wouldn’t have heard of them), where do they stay?
Well as manager of your own brand new hotel, that’s now up to you! Build your own vision of a perfect hipster hotel – a paradise for these skinny-jeaned settlers – and make your fortunes from your hipster inhabitants!
To make your mark, you will be challenged to make sure your hotel stays as eco-friendly as possible. Upgrade your rooms and train your staff to make sure you stay good and green and challenge yourself to learn more about sustainable development and food, water and energy waste in hotels.

Games in the History classroom #HTAVAC18

Here is a list of links to games that are History based, which currently work!

The links are for Ms Jess Robinson and my presentation @HTAV2018.

Easter Island birdman or birdbrain?

Polynesian Voyage

Picturing the Past – Polynesian
– Scientists reconstruct life in past times using clues uncovered at archaeological sites. Sites include a ceremonial complex, dune, canoe excavation, and beach.

In this interactive, learn about the main parts, explore the dimensions, and control a 360 degree view of the Hōkūleʻa, a double hulled Polynesian voyaging canoe. When you are ready, put your skills to the test as you build the Hōkūleʻa from the bottom up.

Indigenous Navigation in the Pacific

In this interactive, explore how scientists use linguistics as evidence to trace Polynesian migration routes.

Viking Training School

Viking Traders Game

Build a longship or longhouse

Viking Housing

Viking Historians View

Trade or Raid?

Viking Field Museum

Simulations Industrial revolution
The Industrial Revolution produced many changes first in England, and then throughout the world. Explore these changes through a variety of interactive games, articles, and on-line photographic collections.

Who wants to be a cotton millionaire?

“Muck and Brass” Activity: Living Conditions in 19th Century England

How did steam engines work?

Lives of Coal Workers (from the Child Labor Bulletin)

Lifestyles of the Bourgeoisie Are You a “Civilized Person”?: Test Your Bourgeois Manners

How stylish are you?: Test Your Knowledge of Victorian Fashion

Women’s Rights: What could women do in England during the 19th century?

Why does soccer have rules?

According to the article, how did the Industrial Revolution lead to more rules in sports?

Games for change

BBC games and interactives

History games

Tools of the trade

Inca investigation

Petra walk through

American museum of natural history

Mysteries of catalhoyuk

Dendrochronology game

Mammoth become extinct
Birmingham museum interactive for kids Explore Egypt, Greece, Rome, The Victorians,and /or WW2

Prepare a mummy for burial

Everything Egypt

Pyramid Challenge

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization is an amazing, interactive resource for the older child. – This site explores the eruption of Vesuvius.

Death in Rome

Gladiator – Dressed to kill game

You can explore the land of the Romans, dress a Roman soldier, or work out a message in Latin.

Ancient china

Explore NOVA’s atempt to build an ancient Chinese bridge at this interactive site

QED: Cosmo’s Casebook
The Jamestown Colony Online Adventure
Moments in Time

Childrens’ Rights and Freedoms

virtual tour of Houseteads fort

Mummy maker

Anglo-saxon coins

Gold rush

Make your verdict – Ned Kelly

Join a panel of people set up to cast judgement on these famous outlaws: Ben Hall, Ned Kelly, Salvatore Giuliano, Jesse James, Pancho Villa and Phoolan Devi.
Access the case for the defence and the case for the prosecution, as well as key witness statements.
Were they heroes or villains? It’s up to you to decide.

The voyage game Can you Keep Your Convicts Alive?

history of voting game

DIY doco

Lots of digital resources found here:

On the Trail of Captain John Smith
A Jamestown Adventure

Remembering Pearl Harbor
An Interactive Map of the Attack on December 7, 1941

Trench warfare game and world war when? game

Over the top

The 60’s

Herod’s Lost Tomb

Here is our presentation

Geography 5 Second Rule

Have you played the game 5 second rule? It is fun quick and makes you think on your feet.

How to play the game: 5 Second Rule puts your brain to the test by requiring players to come up with three answers to a question in 5 seconds. Put the cards in the center of the table within the reach of all the players, and set the Timer on the table. Decide how many rounds will make up a whole game or how long you will play for. All Cards begin with “Name 3……” followed by random Geographical categories. If another player deems an answer given to be questionable, the group as a whole should decide if the answer is acceptable or defer to the teacher for adjudication. If the player answering the question, “hot seat player”, can’t name three the next person has a go but can’t reuse any answer previously given. This continues until you get back to the original “hot seat”. You could have a board or just score points or just play to see how good your are!

You can continue to read the board game rules here -

I have just brainstormed some Geography questions possibly to use at the end of class, end of topic, or for revision. Possibilities are many. I’m sure i will add to the questions as I think further but not bad for 20 minutes while I wait for my son to fall asleep!

Here is what i have so far:
5 Second Rule – Geography

Name three landforms
Name three landscapes
Name three biomes
Name three types of flora
Name three types of fauna
Name three Geographic features
Name three Geographic skills
Name three types of maps
Name three types of graphs
Name three themes in Geography
Name three continents
Name three countries
Name three capital cities
Name three cites to have held summer Olympics
Name three cites to have held Winter Olympics
Name three countries to have held summer Olympics
Name three countries to have held Winter Olympics
Name three Oceans
Name three Seas
Names three Lakes
Names three Rivers
Names three Water bodies
Names three Regions
Names three Islands
Names three Languages
Names three uses of geography
Names three environments
Names three societies
Names three things that shape the environment
Names three things that change the environment
Names three spheres in Geography
Names three elements of Earth
Names three Locations
Names three Places
Names three Scales
Names three branches of Geography
Names three ways you can protect the environment
Names three people can harm the environment
Names three natural processes
Names three types of climate
Names three types of clouds
Names three types of industries
Names three types of Earth movement
Names three types of volcanoes
Names three types of rocks
Names three types of maps
Names three times zones
Names three types of typography
Names three areas where people live
Names three large countries
Names three small countries
Names three countries with large populations
Names three cold locations
Names three hot locations
Names three warm locations
Names three dry locations
Names three coastal areas
Names three forest areas
Names three beaches
Names three coastal landforms
Names three river landforms
Names three volcanic landforms
Names three types of forest
Names three religions
Names three levels of government
Names three quality of life factors
Names three tourist locations
Names three tourist attractions
Names three human structures
Names three why people move to another country
Names three types of land-use
Names three resources
Names three renewable resources
Names three non-renewable resources
Names three animal habitats
Names three types of transport
Names three transportation methods
Names three reasons to trade
Names three urban areas
Names three rural areas
Names three suburbs
Names three types of agriculture
Names three igneous rocks
Names three sedimentary rocks
Names three metamorphic rocks
Names three weather conditions
Names three types of weather
Names three lines of maps
Names three types of settlements
Names three types of rainfall
Names three parts of the water cycle
Names three types of erosion
Names three built landscapes
Names three countries that have Mountain landscapes
Names three countries that have Coastal landscapes
Names three countries that have riverine landscapes

Names three countries that have desert landscapes
Names three countries that have tropical rainforest landscapes
Names three states in Australia
Names three states in America
Names three landforms found in Mountain landscapes
Names three landforms found in desert landscapes
Names three landforms found in tropical rainforest landscapes
Names three landforms found in riverine landscapes
Names three landforms found in riverine landscapes
Names three landforms found in Karst landscapes
Names three things that can result when plates move
Names three jobs Geography would be useful
Names three types of hazards
Names three types of land-use funtions
Names three global brands
Names three conservation areas
Names three conservation groups
Names three stadiums
Names three services
Names three reasons people would live in the CBD
Names three reasons people would not live in the CBD
Names three reasons people would live in rural areas
Names three reasons people would live near an active volcanoe
Names three reasons people would live near an active fault line
Name three faults
Name three countries that have changed their name
Name three countries that conqueror other locations
Name three trading countries
Name three imports
Name three exports
Name three iconic Australian things
Name three iconic American things
Name three iconic European things
Name three iconic English things
Name three iconic Russian things
Name three iconic Japanese things
Name three iconic African things

Name three capitals beginning with the letter
Name three countries beginning with the letter

Improving Liveability

Today on my way to school I was brainstorming ideas for my year 7 class. I hear you say but i have written a whole course for the Australian curriculum available in iBooks full of activities and information plus an iTunesU course. This is true and it is awesome if i do say so myself. Using information technology to enhance and engage students, challenging learners to think creatively, apply Geographical knowledge while cooperating with their peers and communicating their understanding and learning with a range of techniques. All true but today after finishing our fieldwork report and seeing how hard my students were working I felt it was important to get into the field and apply our knowledge from the fieldwork to improve liveability in the area.

So next week my Year 7 classes will be going to Ringwood Lake where we will be exploring ways to improve or change the park to improve or enhance liveability.

What activities will the students complete?
Lesson 1 –
Task 1: In groups Students will have a blank map of the lake and
in their groups they walk around the Lake and identify locations:

Where there is: high use / low use

They will also complete a table about the uses of the park Task 2. identifying if the recreation is passive or active and on the map note Where there is: Passive and Active recreation is located.

Students will use either highlighter of coloured pencils to identify these tasks on a paper maps or on iPads they will complete the same tasks using Skitch for the maps and Noteability or Pages for the table.

Lesson 2 –

Task 3: In their groups students will use Map 2 with 9 locations identified they will complete a table about who uses this park and on their maps identify and observe what areas various groups and ages use?

Task 4: Students will also rate the facilities of the park using a table and exploring the different areas of the park.

Task 5: Students will discuss and then identify on their maps areas they would classify as needing change to improve liveability. They will also identify areas that you would classify as meeting the liveability needs of the users.

Lesson 3 and 4 –

Task 6: Choose 1 location from map 3 to improve or enhance liveability.

Identify what, how and where you would change.

Who does this improve liveability for? (Which users)

If the area was changed it could improve or enhance liveability for all users or would it make it less liveable for some users?

Why are these changes needed in order to improve liveability?

Here the resources i created today if your interested in doing something similar in your local area.

Here are my maps for the students:




Here are the tables for the students to complete:




GTAV 2016 conference links and presentation

To play Kahoot –

Todaysmeet –

Padlet –

TO create QR codes –

Bookwidgets – and

Twitter –

conference tweets –


and other tweets for Geography teachers …… Powerful creation tools is a gold mine of templates that teachers and students can use to create interactive engaging and fun learning materials. Teachers can use them to create revision and learning tasks and students can use the templates to show their understanding and apply their knowledge in different ways.

Here are some french games I created in about 10 minutes.

I am using the random name picker for choosing which student is to present next. You could use it for who is the next student to ask or answer a questions or even group students.

How easy is classtools to use? It’s very quick and easy to use once you have the questions / answers or content you wish to use to create your activity.

Step 1: Select your template

Step 2: insert your information e.g.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.35.50 pm

which will look like this when filled in:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.37.20 am

Step 3: Click create where you will be asked to give a password so you can edit the quiz later if you wish.

Step 4: Your quiz will be created and you are able to share or edit it

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.34.11 am

With the arcade option i chose for this revision task there are many options for the students to play.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.38.21 am

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.31.18 am

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.38.27 am

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.38.33 am

Step 5. Share with your learners – you can do this by embedding the quiz, giving a QR code, or give a url / web link.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.33.15 am

To create the Pacman embedded above. I filled in the template

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.37.31 am

pleased create and gave a password so i could edit it

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.37.53 am

then it is ready to play 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.37.58 am

Disappointingly learners need flash for some of the older templates on their device to play the quizzes and materials created 🙁 PacMan, Spinning Wheel, Asteroids and many more work on the iPads which is fantastic.

Remember teachers can create but so can your students use this site to create materials that you can then use and reuse! With the students url and password ( perhaps the class could use the same one!) then you can take the best parts of each students and create a comprehensive quiz for your next class or the next year!

Videoscribe and voice over ….

Using videoscribe you can create a very effective engaging video.

Videoscribe is fantastic a huge ever expanding whiteboard that you can add text, images, sound and voice to with a difference! A hand draws, writes or moves the images and text onto the whiteboard canvas. Learn more about how to make a video scribe with videoscribe’s youtube channel

Here are some examples of me combining videoscribe with a text to speech voice over. I used final cut pro to add my voice over in and create these videos. After exporting my videoscribe video and creating the voice over from text-to-speech i was able to splice the audio files to match up with the visuals to create movies that flowed. I found doing the voice over in videoscribe challenging as you couldn’t see the video as you narrated.

Example 1

Example 2

Here is my water cycle videocreated in videoscribe without the voice over.

See what a difference my voice makes with my explanation of the water cycle using the video scribe video and adding in my audio track using final cut pro.

Why do you live where you do? Here is a video scribe asking students to discover the answer to this question. Which is more effective voice or not?

without voice:

With voice:

I love videoscibe it is an excellent tool to use to engage students and students love it too. Fun and easy to use and effective. You can use it to:
communicate differently to your learners,
explain a concept,
have students show their understanding of a topic,
make a task come to life instead of giving another sheet,
transform something old and give it new life,
breakdown a difficult concept,
users can explain, explore and elaborate on ideas,
show understanding and explain relationships,
show similarities and differences in unique ways,
tell a story,
create a poem,
really almost anything is possible with video scribe especially when teamed with voice over. I found it easier and less time consuming to use the text to speech site as finding a quite area to record my voice was challenging! Give it a try you won’t regret it 🙂

Voice overs

How cool is this website easily turning text into speech for students who don’t wish to use their own voice or want something a little different. Girls who want a male voice or boys that want a female voice this website is super easy to use – type your text in, choose your voice and then download the audio file. Alternatively students could use or my old favorite where you can hear the voice over but are limited by the amount of text you can input. You will then need to use another program to record the voice while you play it back.

here is an example of how students used from text to speech webiste