Games in the Geography Classroom. #GTAV2018

Geography games

The following games i used in my year 8 and 9 Geography classrooms this year i have left in the questions that the students answered for each game. Following this are other Geographical games I have used in the classroom or have potential to use for the various topics we cover in the Geography curriculum. This post isn’t finished as the list of games isn’t hyperlinked yet because I have broken my leg! This list was to complement my presentation at the GTAV annual conference 2018.

Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route

Question 1: Explain choices you made for you and your family while fleeing Syria for Europe. What was the most difficult decision you made? Why was it difficult to make?
Question 2: How do you think you would feel if you had to flee from your country of birth?

Darfur is Dying

Question 1: What are the challenges of living in a refugee camp?
Question 2: How would it feel if you had to leave your home and live in a refugee camp while you waited to get accepted into a safe country.

AYIT The cost of life

Question 1: What are the main issues explored in this game?
Question 2: What is it like to be poor? What would life be like? How would it feel ?

3rd World Farmer

Question 1: What are the problems and challenges farmers in the third world face?
Question 2: What would it be like to be a farmer in the third world?

The Migrant Trail

Question 1: Where is the Migrant trail? Why is there a migrant trail?
Question 2: What issues challenges, problems do those making the trail or patrolling face?

The New Immigrants by Vanguard Direct

The New Immigrants on the App Store

Refugity by Gerold Rubenbauer

Refugity on the App Store

Brexity by Gerold Rubenbauer

Brexity on the App Store

Australia Citizenship Test by Deedal Studios Inc
Australia Citizenship Test on the App Store – Green the building: a variety of games from managing a building with sustainable design and upkeeping, windfall:building windfarms and creating green energy, Killer flu: panademic flu how they spread, CNN planet in peril – save animals from extinction, Food import folly: protect country from foreign contaminated food imports,
Play online, learn online and feed the hungry |
For every correct answer you choose, 10 grains of rice are raised to help end world hunger through the World Food Programme. – water games!/media/1391259/resort-rescue-fresh-water-use!/search/geography///interactive and – variety of games about plate tectonics – coastal manager reducing waste – weather events, disasters, stroms, tides oceans seasons etc

mapping sea floor – fires – bird migration – ocean and atmospheric games – desert games energy and environment

stop disasters macdoanlds game

Natural Resources Science Games

where the river meets the sea

tourist paradise

travel Oregon

primary games – geospy disaster detector project desal ios let the poo thru ios operation aqua ios Captain plops water saving ios

run the river and waterweed wipeout –

Floodlines mountain, deserts and rivers game geonet location games about capitals, continents, landscapes, countries wetlands and conservation

water games plastic waste

water dash water cycle – water treatment build your own aquifer water filtration – immerse yourself in a Madagascan village. Ambohimahatsinjo is a rural village in the highlands of Madagascar. People there are a hard working tight-knit community, but they face many hardships because they don’t have clean water or toilets in their village. In this game you will explore the village and surrounding area, talk to three key villagers, and help WaterAid decide what solutions to implement. –
– 1 in 3 people in the world have nowhere safe or private to go to the toilet Choice, strategy, balance, and . . . water equity? Parts of the planet are struggling to get enough water. Use each region’s wealth to build pipes, desalinate water, and conduct research to bring water where it’s needed most. Monsoons, dry spells, disease, and even cursed lawn sprinklers can help or hinder your progress. Manage your wealth and water carefully to solve the world’s water crisis!

Build a biome – travel across Kerala to explore the sights and sounds – ios game
Hipsters! They seem to be everywhere nowadays. But when they’re not browsing thrift stores for vintage fedoras, riding their fixies or looking for the latest album by “Alt-DL and the Wookies” (you wouldn’t have heard of them), where do they stay?
Well as manager of your own brand new hotel, that’s now up to you! Build your own vision of a perfect hipster hotel – a paradise for these skinny-jeaned settlers – and make your fortunes from your hipster inhabitants!
To make your mark, you will be challenged to make sure your hotel stays as eco-friendly as possible. Upgrade your rooms and train your staff to make sure you stay good and green and challenge yourself to learn more about sustainable development and food, water and energy waste in hotels.

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