Games in the History classroom #HTAVAC18

Here is a list of links to games that are History based, which currently work!

The links are for Ms Jess Robinson and my presentation @HTAV2018.

Easter Island birdman or birdbrain?

Polynesian Voyage

Picturing the Past – Polynesian
– Scientists reconstruct life in past times using clues uncovered at archaeological sites. Sites include a ceremonial complex, dune, canoe excavation, and beach.

In this interactive, learn about the main parts, explore the dimensions, and control a 360 degree view of the Hōkūleʻa, a double hulled Polynesian voyaging canoe. When you are ready, put your skills to the test as you build the Hōkūleʻa from the bottom up.

Indigenous Navigation in the Pacific

In this interactive, explore how scientists use linguistics as evidence to trace Polynesian migration routes.

Viking Training School

Viking Traders Game

Build a longship or longhouse

Viking Housing

Viking Historians View

Trade or Raid?

Viking Field Museum

Simulations Industrial revolution
The Industrial Revolution produced many changes first in England, and then throughout the world. Explore these changes through a variety of interactive games, articles, and on-line photographic collections.

Who wants to be a cotton millionaire?

“Muck and Brass” Activity: Living Conditions in 19th Century England

How did steam engines work?

Lives of Coal Workers (from the Child Labor Bulletin)

Lifestyles of the Bourgeoisie Are You a “Civilized Person”?: Test Your Bourgeois Manners

How stylish are you?: Test Your Knowledge of Victorian Fashion

Women’s Rights: What could women do in England during the 19th century?

Why does soccer have rules?

According to the article, how did the Industrial Revolution lead to more rules in sports?

Games for change

BBC games and interactives

History games

Tools of the trade

Inca investigation

Petra walk through

American museum of natural history

Mysteries of catalhoyuk

Dendrochronology game

Mammoth become extinct
Birmingham museum interactive for kids Explore Egypt, Greece, Rome, The Victorians,and /or WW2

Prepare a mummy for burial

Everything Egypt

Pyramid Challenge

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization is an amazing, interactive resource for the older child. – This site explores the eruption of Vesuvius.

Death in Rome

Gladiator – Dressed to kill game

You can explore the land of the Romans, dress a Roman soldier, or work out a message in Latin.

Ancient china

Explore NOVA’s atempt to build an ancient Chinese bridge at this interactive site

QED: Cosmo’s Casebook
The Jamestown Colony Online Adventure
Moments in Time

Childrens’ Rights and Freedoms

virtual tour of Houseteads fort

Mummy maker

Anglo-saxon coins

Gold rush

Make your verdict – Ned Kelly

Join a panel of people set up to cast judgement on these famous outlaws: Ben Hall, Ned Kelly, Salvatore Giuliano, Jesse James, Pancho Villa and Phoolan Devi.
Access the case for the defence and the case for the prosecution, as well as key witness statements.
Were they heroes or villains? It’s up to you to decide.

The voyage game Can you Keep Your Convicts Alive?

history of voting game

DIY doco

Lots of digital resources found here:

On the Trail of Captain John Smith
A Jamestown Adventure

Remembering Pearl Harbor
An Interactive Map of the Attack on December 7, 1941

Trench warfare game and world war when? game

Over the top

The 60’s

Herod’s Lost Tomb

Here is our presentation

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