Improving Liveability

Today on my way to school I was brainstorming ideas for my year 7 class. I hear you say but i have written a whole course for the Australian curriculum available in iBooks full of activities and information plus an iTunesU course. This is true and it is awesome if i do say so myself. Using information technology to enhance and engage students, challenging learners to think creatively, apply Geographical knowledge while cooperating with their peers and communicating their understanding and learning with a range of techniques. All true but today after finishing our fieldwork report and seeing how hard my students were working I felt it was important to get into the field and apply our knowledge from the fieldwork to improve liveability in the area.

So next week my Year 7 classes will be going to Ringwood Lake where we will be exploring ways to improve or change the park to improve or enhance liveability.

What activities will the students complete?
Lesson 1 –
Task 1: In groups Students will have a blank map of the lake and
in their groups they walk around the Lake and identify locations:

Where there is: high use / low use

They will also complete a table about the uses of the park Task 2. identifying if the recreation is passive or active and on the map note Where there is: Passive and Active recreation is located.

Students will use either highlighter of coloured pencils to identify these tasks on a paper maps or on iPads they will complete the same tasks using Skitch for the maps and Noteability or Pages for the table.

Lesson 2 –

Task 3: In their groups students will use Map 2 with 9 locations identified they will complete a table about who uses this park and on their maps identify and observe what areas various groups and ages use?

Task 4: Students will also rate the facilities of the park using a table and exploring the different areas of the park.

Task 5: Students will discuss and then identify on their maps areas they would classify as needing change to improve liveability. They will also identify areas that you would classify as meeting the liveability needs of the users.

Lesson 3 and 4 –

Task 6: Choose 1 location from map 3 to improve or enhance liveability.

Identify what, how and where you would change.

Who does this improve liveability for? (Which users)

If the area was changed it could improve or enhance liveability for all users or would it make it less liveable for some users?

Why are these changes needed in order to improve liveability?

Here the resources i created today if your interested in doing something similar in your local area.

Here are my maps for the students:




Here are the tables for the students to complete:




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