Videoscribe and voice over ….

Using videoscribe you can create a very effective engaging video.

Videoscribe is fantastic a huge ever expanding whiteboard that you can add text, images, sound and voice to with a difference! A hand draws, writes or moves the images and text onto the whiteboard canvas. Learn more about how to make a video scribe with videoscribe’s youtube channel

Here are some examples of me combining videoscribe with a text to speech voice over. I used final cut pro to add my voice over in and create these videos. After exporting my videoscribe video and creating the voice over from text-to-speech i was able to splice the audio files to match up with the visuals to create movies that flowed. I found doing the voice over in videoscribe challenging as you couldn’t see the video as you narrated.

Example 1

Example 2

Here is my water cycle videocreated in videoscribe without the voice over.

See what a difference my voice makes with my explanation of the water cycle using the video scribe video and adding in my audio track using final cut pro.

Why do you live where you do? Here is a video scribe asking students to discover the answer to this question. Which is more effective voice or not?

without voice:

With voice:

I love videoscibe it is an excellent tool to use to engage students and students love it too. Fun and easy to use and effective. You can use it to:
communicate differently to your learners,
explain a concept,
have students show their understanding of a topic,
make a task come to life instead of giving another sheet,
transform something old and give it new life,
breakdown a difficult concept,
users can explain, explore and elaborate on ideas,
show understanding and explain relationships,
show similarities and differences in unique ways,
tell a story,
create a poem,
really almost anything is possible with video scribe especially when teamed with voice over. I found it easier and less time consuming to use the text to speech site as finding a quite area to record my voice was challenging! Give it a try you won’t regret it 🙂

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