Some new Minecraft seeds

Well it has been a while but here are some tested Minecraft seeds have fun:

3292052 – Villages with great landscapes around including river, jungle, mountain and plains

1405119578 – Jungle and Desert environments

1418072576 – Village island

1894558086 – lots of Caves

-509333905 – Loads of iron , village and diamonds

1074879716 – There is a couple of villages and great landscape

1407434958: also has a Village Island

1408106526: Epic Mountain Villages & A Floating Island

1388582293: lots of villages altogether

infinity: Dig deep to find iron, redstone, and precious gems.

AcE: Lots of water a a village in the centre

sylph: huge mine

1405119578: Jungle, melons, cocoa beans and a Mesa Biome

my son and I tested these out and they all worked on the iPad. The beauty of using a seed is to ensure that you have the materials, landscape, resources that you want to build with and on rather than having to hope or regenerate your environment.

Using Minecraft in the classroom is a huge hook into our content to test, explain and create content in different ways. If you need inspiration check out our iTunes U course on using Minecraft in the secondary classroom by myself and amazing teachers from RSC. You can download it with an iPhone or iPad from iTunes U – The course explores different ways or using world creation tools in the classroom across the curriculum.

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