Kahoot is a real HOOT ….. a how to guide

My students and I love Kahoot. It is such an engaging and fun tool I use it with all aged learners who have a device either 1:1 or 1:small groups to create engaging and fun quizzes and surveys. My students love the quiz mode way more than the survey mode. The competition and ‘game show like’ sense of adventure that the quiz creates has all my students engaged and hurrying to class. Kahoot is the first thing i do in class once i have marked the roll. If a student has music and arrives late the first thing they say to me is did i miss the the Kahoot! What better reference is there for an engaging tool!

Kahoot is a HOOT

Kahoot is a HOOT2

Kahoot is a HOOT3

Kahoot is a HOOT4

Kahoot is a HOOT5

Kahoot is a HOOT6

Or here is the link to the PDF version of this how to guide:

Kahoot is a HOOT

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