Using Skitch in the classroom …how to use Skitch

In the last 24 hours i have made several help guides in preparation for the HTAV conference in October. I thought i would share them here too 🙂

I love Skitch because it allows me to annotate any image or pdf on both my iPad and laptop. It could be used to give students feedback, to add directions, label diagrams, sketches and other visuals, provide written cues to visuals, give task information or directions, give prompts to clues, as a reflection tool for the learner to annotate thought processes and thinking, areas of difficulty and ease, feelings, ideas, future explorations etc, brainstorming, as a pre-test or post-test, where I am at now and how I feel I am going, as a colourful whiteboard, also you could use skitch to create a how to guides!

How to use Skitch


or view the PDF of the how to guide here:

How to use Skitch

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