Using Popplet in the classroom …… How to use Popplet

In the last 24 hours i have made several help guides in preparation for the HTAV conference in October. I thought i would share them here too 🙂

I love Popplet it is such a cool tool available on the web and on ios. All learners can use Popplet both teacher and students to create and show visual thinking. To create: mind mapping, make timeline visual and interesting, for story telling, character analysis, summarizing or organizing information, detailing and showing the processes: the creation process, the design process or the idea process, For How to guides, Explaining the steps involved in something, for revision material, as an intro to a topic, a real or virtual scavenger hunt, visual learner cues, for planning or storyboarding ideas before beginning a project, research work, assignment passion project or challenge based learning proposal. To show different processes, topics, unit outlines and information. So much potential here with this one tool.

How to use Popplet

Popplet how to2

Popplet how to4

Popplet how to

Here is a link to the PDF version i created 🙂
Popplet how to

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