Water Scavenger hunt

Using coloured QR codes create with http://qrstuff.com/ My students will Solve the clue and find the QR code then follow the instructions on the QR code find and snap the water treasure. Students will then read the next clue then hunt for the QR code and so on..

Here are my clues for around the school:

Clues to find QR codes for instructions to hunt and snap treasure

1. Dewy has this covered
2. Captain of the ship RSC
3. Time warp into the past
4. Lights, Camera, Action
5. Fix it Felix Jr! or is it Wreck it Ralph!
6. Piping hot or freezing cold this is spot for what’s what
7. Data in all sizes, shapes and manifestations
8. Bounce, bounce lots of net
9. Bang, bang, clang, clang
10. Lost and need to be found, problem needs solving we are the first port of call
11. Spaces a plenty before 8 am after 9 no more til after 4pm
12. Flying high respect I show
13. Muscle and sweat to and fro lifting running beat…beat…beat…
14. Prepare and rest a breather
15. Siberia they call it where winds and young ones rush by
16. Fighting virus’s is what I do solving your issues I am there to help you

Here is a copy of my QR hunt:
QR codes for water treasure snap and hunt

I had my QR codes laminated so i can reuse them next year 🙂

The QR codes ask the students to find the following treasure:

Take an image that shows waters interaction with: Fauna, Flora, The Built Environment, The Natural Environment and The Water Cycle in action. Examples of: water conservations, sources of water, uses of water, water issues or misuse (without misusing water), the different forms of water. How much water do the the tanks at school hold? How is tank water used at school and how many tanks does the school have? Finally there ares some quotes about water from various sources the students are asked to choose a few and snap an image that would be an appropriate background for the quote.

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