Kahoot Rocks

Kahoot.it has changed how I am teaching my classes. I use Kahoot almost every lesson as either an entrance quiz or exit quiz to see what my students have learnt and or retrained from the last lesson. It allows me then to have a starting point for the lesson and go over important concepts again especially if they are needed as the basis of the current lesson. Students love Kahoot and adults. Showing it to staff in the staffroom and having them play a quiz that my students were to do they were completely into it getting up set when they answered right but someone beat them to be the first correct and upset when they got it wrong. Having shown five staff members within fifteen minutes it had been used in those five classrooms and another ten teachers in different areas of the staffroom had been shown this awesome tool by members of that first group of staff i had shown! It spread like a wildfire it was awesome with comments like you have changed they way i teach and think about my classes, to this is awesome i love it and my class were so engaged it was amazing. Who wouldn’t love a tool that can bring teachers and students engagement and joy 🙂

We used Kahoot at the beginning of our HTAV 2014 annual conference presentations and all the workshop attendees love it and were going home to explore the potential in their classrooms and schools. They were super excited to learn how easy it was to create and share with students on any device and platform and it is all free 🙂 We used Kahoot to gauge our audience/participants pre-knowledge and understanding on our presentation material. It worked really well informing us as presenters to the areas we needed to spend more time on and those which we could skim over.

Kahoot allows you to make a Quiz, discussion or survey. My students like the quizzes i create as they have a scoring system it engages them and keys them into our topic. You can see for your self in the video below – i love that during the video you hear a student ask can we do it again after we finish!

You need to make an account – https://create.kahoot.it/#login click on get my free account and then fill in the blanks to the questions – What is your role? then username, email, password and create an account. Now you are ready to create your first Kahoot. You might want to watch http://quick.as/nyyt7b to see how it all works with a room full of people different devices.

Once you have made my quiz, survey or discussion have your students open a browser on what ever device they are using and type in kahoot.it don’t google it as it comes up with the create.kahoot.it address. You then need to launch the game click on launch then participants will need to log into your game by entering the pin and their name. You will see the number of players increase as participants join the game. There is a count down clock for participants to join the game once the time runs out the game starts. Then the question appears for about 10 seconds and then the question and answers appear ONLY ON THE TEACHER LAPTOP so you need to project the questions so all participants can view the question and answers. On the participant devices all they see are colored squares with a different white shape in each. I like that the students have to read the question and answer from the board and then click on their own device. It is like being part of a game show! You can change the time participants get to answer 5 sec, 10, 30, 60. There is a countdown clock on the screen so you could call out 5,4,3,2 etc if you wanted to! When all participants have answered or the time is up a graphic will appear on the screen of how many participants answered each color and on the individual device participants will be told if they got it correct or incorrect. A scoreboard will them show giving the top point scorers before moving onto the next question.

You could use the same set of quiz questions and change the time start at 30 seconds and then change it to 10 at the end of lesson and see how students go! That would be interesting!

launch screen for Kahoot!

At the end of the quiz you can display the results and download the results. This is in the form of an excel spreadsheet and you get every participants answers. Love it. Here is a video of the second time i used it with my class

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