Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds:

What is a seed? A seed is a word or a string of characters used to generate specific terrain when creating a new world in Minecraft. By using the same seed to generate separate worlds you will generate the same terrain consistently even on different iPads. This means you could have all the students using the same terrain, to build and create a specific landscape, building, or other Geographic, Historical feature, on their individual iPads.

Why use a seed? Well a seed saves student time rather than just generating random landforms they can choose the landforms they want and find a seed that gives them that combination of landforms.

Here are some Seeds you might like to trial:

Seed : Nether – Terrain: snow biomes and frozen oceans

Seed : balderdash – Terrain: Flat land

Seed : newbiecool – Terrain: large land with floating pieces which is good for survival maps.

Seed : hunter – Terrain: lots of water, some snow, big mountains, lots of coal, iron ores in mountains.

Seed : Dumbocow – Terrain: cliffs, waterfalls, and caves.

Seed : 1359075770 -Terrain: water cave system

Seed : ONE DIRECTION -Terrain: a ton of sheep, trees and other resources around. Lots of hills and water. There is 16 diamonds around spawn area.

Seed : waterfront -Terrain: lava fall snow and a lot of ice it also has a mini desert

Seed : v -Terrain: it is an awesome world you will spawn in a valley surrounded by huge mountains

Seed : world -Terrain: Lot of sand and big caves in huge mountains

Seed : starter -Terrain: water falls, laques under the mountains holes , big islands , really really huge mountains

Seed :lava -Terrain: a winter wonder land with a small beach

Seed : melons. -Terrain: Huge hill, small pond, lava fall and 2 waterfall side-by-side

Seed : Glacier -Terrain: flying mountains and surfaces

Seed : but -Info: This seed is very good for those you are not very good at finding coal. Coal in this seed can be found almost everywhere.

Seed : flat land -Terrain: ice everywhere.

Seed : nyan -Info: This seed has an instant lava and monster spawner making life quite hard. After spawning, there is a cobblestone generator just around you and useful for making a house.

Seed : snooze ( no capitals) -Terrain: cave over river in the middle of mountain,small lakes,mountains lake,snow hills, valley cave,TREES,

Seed : hdhd37jfu25jfj8jfj3f28 -Terrain: Winter world Creates snow and ice

Seed : rjrujrhgeiigieigjeidjc -Terrain: Caves and Mountans

Seed : generator -Terrain: Huge mountains , a lot of water , some floating blcs , big caves and waterfalls and more

Seed : popcorncandyland -Terrain: A big ocean

Seed : Taco -Terrain: Lots of flat ground, some snow and some sand. A few medium mountains and one or two caves.

Seed : destiny -Terrain: Loads of mountains some with snow and some caves

Seed : Alpha -Terrain: Half of the map is all mountainous, the other half is all water and snow. With a medium cove/cave like area.

Seed : 3.14 (as in Pi) -Terrain: Weird mountains in some areas, a lot of forests and water. Some ice, too.

Seed : dawg -Terrain: Snow, some rocky mountains, cliffs and lots of forest. One Medium sized lake.

Seed : michael -Terrain: a few caves, snow covered mountains, some water and a little forest.

Seed :Vancouver -Info: great for resources and the hill makes a really good house/mine

Seed : jpgaming -Terrain: waterfalls,caves,

Seed : 30 -Terrain:: many mountains, caves, overhangs, There is so many huge mountains

Seed : iBricked -Terrain: an Ice Ocean , very flat land

Seed : Peacemaker -Terrain:: lots of mountains and some craters

Seed : Hunger_games -Terrain: Some snow Water is mostly ice. but also a small desert and grassy areas. Very hilly.

Seed : iancoulahan1 – have a look see

Seed : bandit! -Terrain: It has a huge snowy forest biome

Seed : seed -Terrain: a flat winter biome

Seed : theseedpeed -Terrain: You spawn on top of a massive mountain and waterfalls

Seed : 18bananas -Terrain: tall mountain

Seed : 83blankets -Terrain: small islands and frozen ocean

Seed : 40 -Terrain: waterfalls, mountains and caves

Seed : Stockholm -Terrain: A massive waterfall

Seed : Android -Terrain: Some lava!

Seed : skyblock -Terrain: mountain and a waterfall!

Seed: smooth -Terrain: lots of mountains and a waterfall.

Seed : 25026297228817461931 -Terrain: very big, cool mountain with caves

Seed : xperiaplay -Terrain: Huge ice bay and some lakes

Seed : racecardriver -Terrain: snow, waterfall and ice.

Seed : minecraftisawesome -Terrain: big mountains

Seed : frostthejack -Terrain: ice bay and floating blocks

Seed : 42 -Terrain: LOTS of water.

Seed : vicious -Terrain: Floating rocks, weird overhangs, waterfall on floating rock.

Seed : pickle -Terrain: frozen lake, mountains

Seed : frshst -Terrain: BIG mountain and more

Seed : pokemon -Terrain: Super huge mountain and more

Seed : skrillex -Terrain: Watefall on mountain and big mountains

Seed : 21chicken -Terrain: It has caves, huge mountains, floating blocks and heaps more!

Seed : carpet -Terrain: tall mountians, floating blocks, big mountain and more.

Seed : iliketomoveit -Terrain: some grand waterfalls, a lava fall and a few caves

Seed : Flattering -Terrain: mostly ice

Seed : Flat world -Terrain: lots of water and some flat islands

13 thoughts on “Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds:

  1. Seed: Notch’s Paradise
    Terrain: Lots of snow, really cool water feature as well.

  2. try this seed “Frozenlover123″ with out the ” and there is caves mountains waterfalls and snow

  3. A Seed is Nyan Super,Hyper mega seed. montains… magma caves….water caves… diamond caves…. gold caves,,,, super waterfaills. submerse caves. and and and mashmellon NPC.

  4. WOW thanks for all the tips on seeds that is awesome i will test them out 🙂 Some have funky names don’t they LOL !

  5. OMG!
    (NOT RLLY ☺)
    okokokokokok here it comes!

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