Showbie – a must for any 1:1 iPad classroom

Showbie is AWESOME. I love Showbie! It saves me so much time. Showbie is the solution for 1:1 iPad work distribution of material and collection of student work and the subsequent assessment of that work can all be completed using Showbie with just one exception movies longer than 60 seconds.

Showbie is both an app and a website – it allows for you to create classes (as many as you like) and have students upload their documents, images etc into showbie where you can give feedback either via notes or voice or an image and only the child who you are giving feedback to can see it or not give feedback via the app! I have created a school Showbie account for my school and would advise someone from your school signing up and administering the invites as this as it allows for unlimited assignments rather than just signing up and having a limited number.

Once you have signed up you need to create a class or classes. Then you create an assignment – you can add due dates etc for the assignments if you wish. Each student then needs to be given the class code, once they have downloaded the app ( if they are downloading it for the first time suggest they make a password they will remember!!) and use their full name as this comes up on their folder name in your class. They can join as many classes as the have codes for.

You also have a shared folder that all students can access and see – which could be used to go paperless and organise assignments, class notes etc Information, PDF’s images etc put into the shared folder are put into even student’s folder by Showbie. Student work within folders can only be seen by the teacher and individual student.

The help is great with heaps of clear tutorials on how to do and use different apps with Showbie. Help is

You can sign up to Showbie without being on the school account however you will have limited number of assignments with the school account they are unlimited 🙂

I have used Showbie with my year 7 classes this term and it has been wonderful, no more cluttered email. All tasks are either uploaded into the assignment folder for the task or if they are video tasks longer than 60 seconds we then use webdav to upload them to the school server.

Both students and teacher can upload or add images, PDF documents, text or voice notes plus they students can use the open in another app feature of many apps to open tasks / creations like keynotes in Showbie. Task submission is now a breeze with Showbie.

The teacher creates an assignment – which could be an assignment, it could be a unit of work, the next topic etc. I am using what Showbie call assignments for the topics i am teaching – some ‘assignments’ will have student submission of major tasks others might have note submission by students and some might have no task submission but enable the teacher, me, to share photos and tasks with the students. Along with creation of assignments you can choose a due date which all the students can see.

You can see in this screen shot below the highlighted student has submitted her endangered species diary as a PDF, her thoughts about the Lorax in three text notes and Save Endangered species ad / movie. You can also the information i shared with the students. All the interactions are clear to see with names and dates. Along side student names you can see if they have submitted work with the little clip picture and i can at a glance see who i have left individual notes for with the other icon.

The nice people at Showbie have also turned on extra notifications for me so when students make a text note i am emailed so i don’t miss questions from the students. They love showbie so much they prefer this over email 🙂 The other awesome feature is Showbie email you when the due date for your assignment is up informing you of how many students have submitted their work.

Showbie has made life so much easier no more connecting student iPads up to my computer to get work off! YEAH No more having ten different senarios for submission of work! No more reliance on drop box, email, intranet, edmodo etc having bits and bobs on different sites. We now have order and orgnaization – students have folders for their different subjects, within each subject they have folders for different subjects or assignments. Students have tasks, comments, instructions, movies, slide shows etc shared by teachers for classroom use or extension and support. Students have their own folder which only the teacher and they can view. Work can be submitted via showbie. The only exception to this is for longer movies or animations we use webdav – students create a new keynote add the movie to their keynote and share via webdav to the server. If we could afford the Pro version of Showbie then students could submit everything via Showbie 🙂

Support from Showbie both via the support site which is a rich resource of how to materials. Also email support is prompt and helpful as well as on twitter is speedy and really helpful. However having said all that the app is easy to use even my weakest students can use it no issues at all where they issues using edmodo and dropbox!

What an awesome app is Showbie. My top find of 2013 although i did discover it in 2012 i didn’t have any time to play with it and explore how awesome it actually is. is Awesome do your self a favor and check out @Showbie it will change your classroom.

4 thoughts on “Showbie – a must for any 1:1 iPad classroom

  1. After you suggested showbie on twitter, I googled it and found your blog post right up near the top. This certainly sounds like an interesting app and I will look further to see whether this is a means of sharing a former student’s memoirs but I think that her video is more than 1 minute long. Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi Raff,

    Great article! I will share it via @Showbie. Could you please link out to the main site – thank you! and if you are interested in guest blogging for us. Please let me know! Twitter: JustinMann_

  3. Hi Justin I have linked it to the first word on my post Showbie is hyperlinked 🙂

    Raff or Clare are both fine 🙂

    Have a great day

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