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iSwifter is an awesome app for the iPad which is basically a web browser but enables flash websites, online games etc to run on the iPad.

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This is huge. Why? It means that teachers and students have more possibilities for each lessso and can explore most content and sites without issues.,, along with the learning federations interactive learning objects. iSwifter works well with a most sites. This is such a value add to the iPad. Currently free, we have had our students purchase it, now our only issue is getting it to work on our network. Unblocking the iSwfiter website only partially made it work, the problem is after you put in the url for your website the last part of the app will not go through our school proxy but wants to bypass it. Our head technician is working on a solution so that all learners with an iPad at RSC can use this fantastic app fully. It is vital we can make this work as it opens creates more flexibility and possibilities for teaching and learning.

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12 thoughts on “News Flash — Flash on the iPad

  1. Any conclusion from the iSwifter problems you experienced on the School’s network?
    I can forsee a similar problem at my own school and would love any advice I can feed to the Techies to help resolve the issue quickly.

    Love the tips – keep up the inspiring work!

    David Simpson

  2. Unfortunately no solution yet to iSwifter working i have emailed iSwifter but as yet they have not responded unfortunately! Still trying and waiting – i have tried other paid flash apps like puffin but they don’t compare to iSwifter – i will not give up on trying to get it to work 🙂

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