2010 teaching Information technology for the first time!

thinking that my first activity with my year 9 IT elective class will be around IT has it has changed over time and its impact on society, with a focus on students using mobile phones!

student task:

Using your mobile phones work in pairs to complete the following:

Take 10 pictures to show how information technology (IT) has changed over time

Take 15 pictures to show how IT has made life easier

Record 6 quotes from others about the importance of IT in todays society (you need to personally record the comments on your phone)

3 text messages from people outside the school about the significance IT has had in creating changed in our society.

You are going to upload all the comments/photos/messages to a voice thread – using Bluetooth from your phone to a laptop in the classroom – you are then going to use the voicethread to tell a story about the significance of information technology by adding some comments yourself either by text or voice. You are then going to share your voice thread with the class for others to comment.

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