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Using elluminate two year eleven students and i presented cybersafety and how to manage your digital footprint to Anne Mirtschin’s Year 9 and 10 students at t Hawkesdale P-12 College. We had created a PowerPoint to present to the students and included some activities which could be completed after the session.

I facilitated and supported my students by moderating and changing slides and occasionally making a comment. The focus was placed on my students who presented and managed the class within the virtual room.

cybersafety elluminate conference

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Natalie and Tim were wonderful they presented for an hour and half. They involved all the participants in activities and managed the students very well having some comment, some text in responses and some draw on the white board using a tool called Elluminate. Elluminate is a virtual room where there is a chat area, polling tools, whiteboard area and microphone all going simultaneously. Nat and Tim had the students using all three areas so that all students were focused and engaged. They directed students to write on the board or ask questions and for the rest of the class to make comments in chat area. It was fantastic to see my students teaching using elluminate, enjoying hearing the responses and getting a buzz out of how engaged their audience was.

It was a great experience for all of us and even though we had one drop out all students gained an enormous amount from the experience. Elluminate gave us the tools to keep the class engaged and involved in the presentation. Anne and her students gave some sensationally kind and valuable feedback for Nat, Tim and I.

Having used other video conferencing tools in the classroom i believe other tools would not have worked as well. The plus with elluminate is you can vary what the audience is doing: writing on the board while having someone else on the microphone making a comment, while others are typing in the chat box followed up using the polling tools. The multifaceted nature of elluminate is what makes it perfect for a classroom environment.

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